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    Tracey & Andy (Saturday, 15 June 2024 14:00)

    Angela was a fantastic guide for our Derry Girls tour. Her knowledge for both the Derry Girls and Derry history was second to none!

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    Allyson Daniels (Monday, 13 May 2024 17:41)

    Thank you so much for our incredible Derry Girls tour! We had a wonderful time and are already talking about our next visit to Derry. Garrett is looking forward to borrowing your fancy dress for the Halloween parade :)

    Allyson and Garrett from Kansas City

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    Zoe (Monday, 20 November 2023 19:04)

    My mother and I had an amazing private tour with Gleann. He was a great tour guide, offering lots of information and laughs while showing us around Derry. We got lost and ended up being pretty late to the tour, but that did not spoil the fun. Very grateful to have met such a lovely person like Gleann while traveling in Ireland!

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    Simone M (Tuesday, 14 November 2023 04:06)

    The BEST tour!

    We had a private tour on Saturday with Angela as our guide through the bogside and city walls and we could have walked with her and listened and talked for hours and hours.

    We could not recommend this tour enough, a must if you are visiting Derry.


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    Debbie M (Tuesday, 05 September 2023 10:38)

    My daughter and I took a tour with Gleann yesterday afternoon. We really enjoyed how he wove the city’s history, both recent and older, into the parts about the show. Gleann also made the tour enjoyable for both of us, even though we have very different knowledge bases regarding the show. I have seen it but don’t remember all of the details, unlike my daughter � I would highly recommend doing this tour with Gleann when you are in Derry.

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    Nuala McAllister (Friday, 01 September 2023 12:18)

    We had a tour with Gleann last Friday
    I have to say it was really enjoyable, and very informative
    We would certainly recommend the Derry Girls tour to anyone who is interested not only in the show but in part of Derrys history too

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    Kathy Emorey (Thursday, 06 July 2023 14:43)

    I’m Looking for a tour for my adult daughter and myself on the afternoon of Aug. 31. We will Be coming from Portrush. Please let me know if you have availability.

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    Imelda Downie (Friday, 09 June 2023 07:01)

    Booked a Derry girls tour in May with Gleann. All done through emails and the correspondence was first class. Our tour guide on the day was Làra. A local girl who was so full of knowledge and made the whole experience special! Highly recommend the tour and Làra as a guide! It was so relaxed and so much fun! Làra gave us loads of useful and helpful local knowledge and we tried all her recommendations and we were not disappointed! Great job!

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    Naomi (Saturday, 29 April 2023 18:33)

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    Lucy Nevins (Friday, 31 March 2023 14:00)

    We had such a brilliant tour with Gleann today, I have two teenagers who were so impressed and really enjoyed the tour too!
    Gleann has a wealth of knowledge and in addition personal history of growing up in Derry.
    I would highly recommend Gleann & would say one of his tours are a necessity when visiting Derry! I will recommend to all my friends and family!
    Thanks so much Gleann!

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    Rose (Tuesday, 29 November 2022 16:27)

    We loved our Derry girls tour with Gleann. He really provided some historical context to the city and also pointed out spots where key scenes had been shot. He also told us some facts about the people that the characters were based on! Would highly recommend

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    Gleann Doherty (Monday, 22 August 2022 17:13)

    Hi Dolores,

    Could you use the email and I'll get back to you?

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    Dolores (Monday, 22 August 2022 17:06)

    Sorry it’s a bit late at night for contacting you , I was interested in your tours and I was wondering what price they are ? I am going to Derry tomorrow for 2 nights and would like some information on your tours offered . Thank you

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    JoAnn and Rich (Monday, 04 July 2022 14:45)

    We were guests of Gleann in late May and just had a moment to sit and write about our experience. Gleann's perspective and knowledge of how the past transcends to the current day still resonates with us. His sense of humor and kindness will be one of our most cherished memories during our trip to Northern Ireland. Gleann was able to incorporate a stop off at our son's place of employment in Derry, along with an invaluable conversation along the entire wall and into the Bogside. Gleann's expertise is a five star experience!

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    Emma (Thursday, 04 November 2021 07:54)

    Our Derry Girls tour with Gleann was among the highlights of our recent holiday in Northern Ireland. The Derry Girls sights were fun to see, but made more resonant by the added history Gleann gave us as we walked around the city. I was so taken with Derry I didn't want to leave. Thank you Gleann for an engaging, educational and very enjoyable few hours.

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    Gareth Axenderrie (Tuesday, 12 October 2021 10:11)

    Had a Bloody Sunday tour with Gleann, and we were genuinely blown away. Gleann gave insight with incredible depth of knowledge and a raw emotion, never veering away from fact and objectivity.

    Would recommend to anybody visiting the city.

    Diolch Gleann!

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    Sinéad & Emily (Friday, 27 August 2021 13:02)


    We loved the Derry Girls Tour, it was really informative and enjoyable. Would highly recommend the tour, and you as a tour guide.

    Thanks a million,
    Sinéad and Emily

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    Fiona McAnena (Monday, 09 August 2021 11:26)

    I really recommend taking a guided tour with Gleann, whether you're a native or a visitor. My American cousin wanted to connect with her Irish roots and understand Northern Ireland history and politics. She's also a huge Derry Girls fan. So we combined the two, on a walking tour with Gleann in August 2021. I'm a Derry Girl myself but I learned some new things from him, and we had a great time. He has a degree in Irish history and culture, and really knows his stuff. He's good fun, too. Highly recommended.

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    Caoimhe (Wednesday, 22 July 2020 12:24)

    Had an incredible trip to Derry, made so special by our tour with Glenann. He gave us such a personal look at the beautiful city. We learnt so much about Derry and it's history, while also seeing all the Derry Girl location spots - which my niece just loved. We were so lucky to have him as our tour guide. It made our stay!

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    Bryony Stevens (Thursday, 03 October 2019 21:24)

    Just home from a magical trip to Ireland and taking the time to reflect on all that we experienced. A definite highlight was the walking tour we did with Gleann in Derry taking in the Bogside Murals and the Bloody Sunday Monument. He was informative and a great communicator, his own personal story touched us all and we were so thankful we had participated in his tour. Thank you Gleann best wishes Bryony and crew from Australia

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    Therese (Sunday, 15 September 2019 06:47)

    Did the Derry Girls tour with Glenn in late July. It was a really good history of Derry combined with the humour of Derry girls. Glenn was a great guide with a wealth of knowledge and first hand experience of the troubles. Brilliant tour and excellent value

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    Andrew Hinds (Friday, 07 June 2019 02:46)

    Gleann Doherty's tour is well worthy of a listen, an educated historian from University of Ulster who tells it as it is and without a hint of bigotry. He and his family have lived the Troubles. As an Ulster Protestant, I urge anyone who wants to grapple with the Troubles to walk the Bloody Sunday tour to understand this pivotal point with greater clarity of the facts and the suffering. It was a privilege to be in Gleann's company. Thankyou.

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    Susie Reed (Saturday, 08 December 2018 16:47)

    I absolutely love 'Derry. Lived there from 1970-1975. Would love to go back.

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    MARIA OCONNOR (Friday, 23 November 2018 08:41)

    hi Gleann

    enjoyed tour last Saturday immensely

    O Connor family


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    Karen Griffin (Friday, 09 November 2018 20:45)

    Our tour with Gleann was informative and powerful. His tour was well structured and presented. His knowledge of the facts surrounding Bloody Sunday as well as the impact those events have had on his personal life make it hard to imagine anyone more qualified to present the tour. We were honored that he shared his experiences with us. It is a rare privilege to learn about important historical events from someone who lived through them. I recommend this tour highly.

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    Michael & Ellen Foster (Sunday, 07 October 2018 08:33)

    We had a Bloody Sunday and Bogside tour with Lara on Sept 23rd, 2018 and it was fantastic!! We can't say enough about how great it was and how generous Lara was in sharing her own experiences and understandings and her time to really help bring the issues into today's context. We would highly recommend her!!!

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    Anita Matson (Sunday, 15 July 2018 11:57)

    My husband and I took the Bloody Sunday and Bogside Murals private tour with Gleann a couple of weeks ago. It was definitely a highlight of our trip to Ireland. Speaking from his personal history living in Bogside and from his background with a B.A Honours Degree in Irish History and Politics, Gleann was able to clearly explain the history of the Troubles in Derry to us. The fact that his father was the the 12th man out of 13 (at the age of 31) murdered (shot in the back)on Bloody Sunday by elite British soldiers at what was supposed to be a nonviolent protest march brings poignancy and a shocking reality to that day 46 years ago. We highly recommend a tour with Gleann.

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    Clive Carroll (Friday, 13 July 2018 10:25)

    I and three friends did the Derry Walls Tour with Lára and I would strongly recommend it. While from Armagh herself and a very pleasant and articulate young woman she lives in Derry and is a History and Politics graduate. Given that she was dealing with four old (Irish) fogies who knew a good bit themselves it says something that we learned a lot from her. It was fascinating to get a really good grasp of the walls and their place in Derry's history. Not to mention the existing layout of Derry looking down from the walls. Strongly recommend this tour and Lára.

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    Mike & Sandra Garvey (Wednesday, 27 June 2018 13:08)

    We spent 90 minutes with Gleann who was so knowledgeable and gave us a glimpse into a troubled time in Derry's history. Gleann's connection to the history was palpable and made the tour all the more powerful. We would highly recommend this tour with Gleann who was such an interesting and approachable guide. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour and learned a lot.

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    bill jorgensen (Sunday, 22 April 2018 20:47)

    anyone interested in learning about the conflict between the two conflicting parties in Northern Irelands struggle for independence will not be disappointed by Gleanns tour of Bogside..thank you again for this heartfelt experience...

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    Gerd (Tuesday, 01 August 2017 03:58)

    Excellent Tour on the Bogside, Bloody Sunday and the long history of difficulties in Derry. Gleann studied history and politics, knows so much about the city - but also is a catchy talker you like to listen to. Has so many interesting stories to tell, among them the sad one of his father beeing killed on Bloody Sunday.
    Gleann lives in Derry, you feel that in the guided tour. Highly recommended!

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    Brice (Thursday, 09 February 2017 04:38)

    Very interesting tour from Gleann on the Bogside and his recent history.

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    Jonas Floyd (Wednesday, 08 February 2017 10:14)

    Visite riche en informations avec sa part d'émotion qui nous implique un peu plus dans la tragédie du Bloody Sunday. Gleann nous immerge dans l'histoire de sa ville, Derry!
    Merci encore, vivement conseillé.

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    Nathan Dombrovski (Wednesday, 08 February 2017 07:19)

    Thanks to Gleann, we were a group of 15 French to visit the Bogside with him.
    It was realy interesting, lot of informations about the history of the Bogside and the event that took place there.
    Looking forward to make another tour with him regarding the old town history.
    Higly recommended!

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    Susan Wright (Sunday, 31 July 2016 00:03)

    Thank you Gleann for a fantastic tour that included both the walls and the Bogside. The history you shared with us was both fascinating and very emotive, particularly your personal story. Your patience with our 9 year old was wonderful and he too learnt a great deal, and he would often share his newfound knowledge at various times through the rest of our tour of the UK! We would absolutely recommend this tour to anyone visiting Derry. :)

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    Maura Farrell (Wednesday, 20 July 2016 06:39)

    Myself and my husband Did the bogside tour with Glenn last weekend.
    It was a fantastic few hours going back into our history with such knowledge & information from Glenn . His warm and engaging personality really added to the trip .
    His tour is full passion and with his local information and personal experiences make this tour one not to be missed.
    if you are travelling to Derry Glenn Doherty’s Derry Guided Tours are simply a must .
    Thanks Glenn for making our trip up to Derry such a memorable one. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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    Kevin (Saturday, 18 June 2016 11:15)

    Great Tour, Our Group Highly recommend Derry Guided Tours, Thanks Gleann for a wonderful experience while visiting Derry City.